Valencia Scotlet Slai
08-01-19 2 Visitas

Enchanting Marmoset monkeys babies and females to give them for adoption. My cute purebred monkeys are ready to go out to a good and attentive house. High quality in all well trained. Affectionate, healthy and playful. Beautiful, great coat. Brought to our house; Loved and socialized with people and other pets. The best possible care in the upbringing; Veterinary supervision, quality foods, all vaccines, current vaccines and regular deworming. They are registered with pedigree. We want to relocate them with any family that can take care of them and pamper their love. for more information

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Maravilloso mono capuchino encantador para adopción

Maravilloso mono capuchino encantador para adopción     Ahora tenemos dos mujeres capuchinas listas para irse a amar a su hogar y cuidar a su familia. Están bien entrenados, socializados, con pañales y revisados por veterinarios. Ven con certificado… Valencia

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